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Date Performing: Sunday, 3 December 2023


One of the true titans of American post-rock, Caspian are showing no signs of taking their foot off the pedal as they celebrate their 20th year as a band. Hailing from Beverly, Massachusetts, the enduring outfit have carved out a reputation for crafting powerful tracks that blend intricate guitar work with rhythmic elements against towering walls of sound. Having emerged from a five-year hiatus with a new album in 2020, Caspian head to Clockenflap fresh from the release of the epic ‘On Circles: The Complete Sessions’. Catch them on Sunday December 3.

從2007年發表首張大碟《The Four Trees》後,來自美國麻省嘅 Caspian 就係提到post-rock時不可忽略嘅名字。能夠將最基本嘅編曲手法運用得出類拔萃,Caspian 眾人不追求破舊立新,而係透過分工明確嘅樂器交疊(尤其有時三重奏,甚至四重奏嘅結他部分),利用每個音符延伸出不同情緒出口。歷年來寫下〈Sycamore〉、〈(Hymn for) The Greatest Generation〉、〈Arcs of Command〉等搖滾交響詩篇,到2020年,Caspian 交出光芒壯麗嘅第七張大碟《On Circles》,後搖功力依舊,樂迷們將有機會喺Clockenflap夜空下再次感受。