RUDIMENTAL (DJ) 9:30pm • Atum Stage


Bursting out of London’s underground music scene with its thrilling world of pirate radio, crude DJ set ups, improvised studios, and bleeding edge beats come Rudimental (Piers Aggett, Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor and Leon Rolle): A pioneering melting-pot collective who have taken the British music scene by storm, championed for their uncompromising approach to music-making whilst avoiding rigid classification. Freeing themselves from one specific sound, and the shackles of creating electronic music with a laptop, the boys take influence from each others varying musical strengths and their unifying starting point (Hackney). “The unifying thing is the soul influence and the bass influence, those two things are always there” says founding member Amir.

Named by the BBC as THE festival band of the summer, the group have a myriad of No.1 singles including 'Feel The Love', 'Not Giving In', 'Waiting All Night' alongside their chart topping album 'Home', there is absolutely no doubt that Rudimental (performing their famed DJ set complete with trumpet player and MC) will take the Replay stage on Saturday night is nothing short of pure euphoria.