DJ Wendy Wenn has a unique, under-stated style that sits somewhere between chilled down tempo and deep, dark bass – focusing more on the Techno and House that have oozed out of Europe and the States. She has taken the intricate sounds that have infected a whole generation of DJs, producers and clubbers in Asia and formed her own style which is always on the cusp of the future sound.

Wendy Wenn fine tuned her technique and became one of the foremost residents at the legendary Yumla before it closed in 2011. Since then, DJing has taken her around Asia, from Japan, Thailand, China, Ghongzhou, and Beijing; and also Berlin.

One of the most technically sound DJs in Hong Kong, Wendy Wenn first caught the DJ bug during the heady days of the late-90s. Wenn invested in a trusty pair of Technics, a mixer and then began scouring record shops to track down all things house and breaks as the new century raced ahead and the local clubbing scene began to grow and evolve.

Wendy Wenn brings the party and great vibe to any event. Small in stature but carries a wallop of sound, DJ Wendy Wenn continues to add her signature crispy Techno and House sets to the city. She is the ‘small’ in the cheeky titled Small & Tall club nights. From gritty underground clubs to o u t d o o r festivals and everything else in-between, Wendy Wenn always brings her love of music to the show and keeps punters dancing and partying all night long.