THE VACCINES 9:30pm • Atum Stage


You know the scoop - four pretty boys and irrepressibly catchy, guitar-led tunes.

The art in their craft, and what sets The Vaccines apart as leaders amongst their peers, is their contagious accessibility. Music undeniably best served live, their frenzied shows are a communal all for one, rip-roaring ride mutually dependent on both band and fans alike - which couldn’t be more ideal for the Clockenflap crowd ethos: "All in".

In the UK, ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines’ was the best selling debut album of 2011, and their 2012 follow up ‘Come Of Age’ went straight to no.1. Their 2013 ‘Melody Calling’ EP provided the band’s biggest radio hit to date and was accompanied by their largest headlining shows amidst their festival starring roles across the world. The eagled eyed amongst you will spot the trend line here: it’s going up, up up.

With a new single coming in October, before their immeasurably anticipated third album in early 2015, the timing couldn’t be better for us to welcome them to our Clockenflap stage and catch a band truly on top form on the point they go properly supernova.