Liminal is an immersive experience - it presents the viewer with a vision both of reality and of unreality, challenging the perception of time, space and the self.

Enclosed yet infinite, the installation reflects its contents in the mirrored walls, floor, and ceiling - creating the impression of a vast realm with an endless horizon. Those who enter are confronted by countless variations of themselves and are presented with a vision of ever expanding and contracting space.

Liminal encourages participants to question their place within the scale of the universe by altering their perception of space.

Superposition is a collaborative, interdisciplinary architecture and design studio founded in 2014. Work is characterised by an ethical framework combined with a detail orientated and contextual approach to design at a wide range of scales. Through experimentation, research and collaboration, Superposition integrates architecture, art, craft, and technology in a culturally sensitive, sustainable and innovative way.