Born and raised in New York, Stephen grew up playing classical and jazz trumpet for 10 years, but in the meantime cultivated a passion for hip-hop. Moving to Montreal for university, a love for a wide range of new electronic styles began to develop.

After four years in this diverse and new setting, Stephen’s own music collection and taste really began to grow, leading to a move to Hong Kong in 2012.

In 2015, Stephen and a friend formed the group Sweet Talk under the Cliché Records banner, and began to play live gigs for the first time. Years of collecting vinyl and gathering endless amounts of music could finally be put to use. Sweet Talk quickly played many places around Hong Kong, as well as playing internationally in places such as Vietnam, Moscow, and the Philippines.

The past year has been particularly motivating for Stephen, meeting many new people and taking a first trip to Berlin. Moving out of his roots of hip-hop, disco, and house music, Stephen has found a greater love for techno, electro, and many more experimental sides of electronic music. Still based in Hong Kong, catch Stephen moving around couches and dancefloors wherever you may be.