An interactive transitional passage, Footprints reconnects us with the original medium of storytelling and myth-making, transposing user-generated digital stories into the context of one of the earliest social places where stories were created to be discovered – the cave.

Since the beginning of time, we’ve been telling stories as a means of remembering and being remembered, creating myths to be passed onto future generations. From ephemeral ‘self-destructing’ moments to more curated images of ‘daily life’, we now exist in an age where everyone is the creative director of their own personal narrative.

Exploring Footprints opens up the question about how far-future generations will interpret the remnants of our digital imprints. What sort of myths will be born from these digital ‘cave paintings’, and how will these stories evolve, shift or disappear over time? In this journey of discovery and surprise, content can be preserved, erased, distorted or added to with the next visitor’s contribution. It’s a reminder that the digital footprints we leave behind today will be reinterpreted by a future society’s frame of reference, and a myth might just take their place.



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