SOULFUNKEE 4:15pm • Robot


Soulfunkee, a top-notch international female DJ, is taking Hong Kong by storm as she sets out to prove that Hong Kong's club scene is ready for more than top 40 mainsteam repitition. She has been seen spinning her banging, sexy, and eurphoric seamless blend of different types of music at clubs around the world for the last 6 years, and now she’s bringing her talent to Asia. Whether it be house, electro, nu-disco, trap, the end result is always a packed dancefloor.
In a city where party-goers are forced to put up with female DJs that look good on the outside, but barely know how to work a mixing board, Soulfunkee is proving that girls can mix, even better than the male competition. Soulfunkee says, "It's always going to be hard being in a male dominated industry but doesn’t mean we’re any less better.”

Soulfunkee is more than just her female parts. She mixes House that is exciting and captivating, with grooves and explosions of music that take the mind and the soul on an emotional roller coaster. With a beat that gets heads bopping and overlayed music that gets crowds screaming, Soulfunkee's followers are so busy getting down to the music that they are sometimes suprised it's a woman behind the decks. Soulfunkee’s goal is to change the perception that only male DJs know how to beatmatch and rock the party.

Influenced by her Dad's funk and soul records and her Mother's latin and jazz collection, she would sing and dance on tables in the family home as a child before being lured into Canada's sordid rave scene by her older the tender age of fourteen.
Since then, she has become an international traveler, and Soulfunkee has mixed music from around the world to create her own blend of House music. She has played at clubs in London, UK, Canada, USA, and now Hong Kong. Her influences include Avicii, Miguel Migs, Kaskade, Daft Punk, Joey Negro, and other artists across the Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Reggae, and Jazz spectrums.

"I like telling stories with my mixes," Soulfunkee says. "Most of the time I use the lyrics in the songs to create the flow and to tell a story." She pays attention to the crowd to know exactly when to mix it hard, switch it up, and tone the music down when you least expect it. “All I want to do is to get people off their feet to just dance the night away and leaving the world behind for that moment. Just a simple getaway.”

Soulfunkee has already made her mark on the international scene, and now she has her eyes set on Asia. Having played alongside heavyweights at prestigious clubs and events, Soulfunkee is about to be the next sensation to hit the Asian club scene. Just listen to a sample of her music, and you can see that the Soulfunkee brand is destined to make it big.