2012- Summer, two guitarists were discussing the style of their music. From Pop to Metal, Metal to Jazz. No more Surprised. 


He said why don't we try to make something new. 

I said maybe just forget about the genre, only count on our imagination.


2014- Spring, the drummer and bassist joined the band and it's where SIHN started to share the way of how they look at the world through their music.


Smoke In Half Note




2015 Smoke In Half Note started to perform, until now they just been through 30 shows in their band career. In 2015, 16 SIHN played with Sleepmakeswave, Caspian and Pg. Lost as opening guest band while they were having Asia Tour. they were also performed oversea in Taiwan for the Wake Up Festival in 2016. 


After that, the band started to play attention to the balance of “shows and composing” and started to record their first album “ One to be Whole”. Until now, 2018. Smoke In Half Note still keeping one word in their mind——imagination. they are seeking the way of sharing the concept, emotion and picture through their music, it could be magnificent as universe or negligible as humanity, this is their art.