Embers is presented through a large-scale video in the space along with earsplitting sound effect. It is expected to create not only the scene but also an aura. The landscape which closely resembles nature meanwhile goes beyond the reality tends to produce a feeling of strangeness for the audience. The impression involving only presence without immersion is exactly what the artist intends to create.


Shi Zheng was born in 1990 and graduated from China Academy of Art in 2014. Currently, Shi lives and works in Shanghai and Chicago. Applying the digital media, Shi Zheng’s creations range from digital music, audio-visual in-stallation and live shows. Shi works on computer technology, which is an attempt to extend the audience’s visual and audio experience that are considered as the integral parts of his work. Since the composition of‘Offset’ (2014), Shi has focused on the virtual landscape and the internal system behind screen. In the virtual world generated by computer, Shi Zheng is not only a creator but also a wonderer, he indulges in the indifferent silence initi-ated by sound and image and attempts to share this lonesome land with his audience. Whilst, through the series of‘Nimbus’ (2015-), the artist creates a cluster of cloud andgasoriginated from radiant light throughout a different method of observation. Apart from individual creation, Shi Zheng also collaborates with other outstanding artists in various fields. In 2013, artistic ground RMBit was founded by Shi Zheng in conjunction with Nenghuo, Wang Zhipeng and Weng Wei with the focus on current context of social media. Both Shi and Nenghuo are the members of an Audio-Visual performance group OSC (Open Super Control). Shi Zheng’s individual and cooperated works have been presented in a wide range of museums, art institutions and media art festivals home and abroad, for instance, Sound Art China, FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Ars Electronica, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Castello di Rivara, The Lumen Prize, Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum and OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shenzhen.