SHHHWING 8:00pm • Silent Disco


Operating in the popular ‘Silent Disco’ format revellers each obtain a pair of wireless headphones which are pre-tuned to two channels with a switch on the side to change between them. Transmitting to each of the two channels will be a different DJ - the audience decides which DJ they wish to listen to. The game can move quickly as whole groups of friends often change channel together.

Unlike other Silent Discos- which DJs often find to be a bit one-sided as the sing-along tracks win over the club bangers- Shhhwing selectors are all playing from the highly accessible pool of Vintage Remix music. From Electroswing to Gypsy Clash, from sample driven dance music to retro-styled modern pop hits the grooves may switch up as the common concept of genre is nonrestrictive but the overall result is a smiling dancefloor wherever you look.

This is the third year that Shhhwing has represented at Clockenflap and once more our featured DJs are: Kaptin from Big Swing Soundsystem and Burnitov from The Chicken Brothers.

Big Swing Soundsystem
Kaptin and Matt The Hat first started spinning vintage classics, rehashes + remixes back in 2005, until life sent them in different directions. Matt became the proprietor of an Inflatable Church, whilst Kaptin took his Chrome Kids crew onto BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, and into festivals such as Glastonbury and Bestival.
Some time later, they were introduced to Electro Swing by the legendary Chris Tofu, and on finding their common love for the new genre, they dusted off their tweed jackets and set off into the wider world again to unleash their selections of Swing, Nu-Swing, Electro Swing, Swing hop, Chap-Hop and other such treasures onto the unsuspecting public at large.

The Chicken Brothers
Hatching from the Liverpool Speakeasy ( in 2011, from the twin yolk of Burnitov and Dog’s Pocket, this feathered duo have taken their unique brand of party music to Glastonbury, Bestival, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, Shambala, Glade, Beatherder, Festival Number 6 and Swingamajig.
Serving up the best mechanically recovered beats in a free range bass-hop sauce, the feathered brethren have developed a gastronomic following with an all-you-can-eat offer on food related puns.