Save Yourself Time: Pre-load value to spend at Clockenflap

Save Yourself Time: Pre-load value to spend at Clockenflap

Save Yourself Time: Pre-load value to spend at Clockenflap

For the first time ever, you can pre-load value before the festival at exclusively using PayMe. If you pre-load value, you will receive your wristbands pre-loaded at the festival entrance, allowing you to immediately buy food, drinks, merchandise and handicrafts in the craft market. 


You can continue to add to your pre-loaded balance via using PayMe, until your ticket is scanned and you receive your Clockenflap wristband. After the festival, any remaining wristband value will be eligible for the refund process.


Already got a Clockenflap ticket? Pre-Top Up now!

Login to your Ticketflap account, click “My Tickets”, then simply add as much value as you like using PayMe. It’s quick and easy.


Not got a ticket? Get your tickets now!

Go to and pay for your Clockenflap ticket with PayMe. Don’t forget to Pre-Top Up once you’ve paid!


Clockenflap cashless payment system

At the festival entrance, ticket holders will be issued with a wristband that is used to pay for everything on-site. Add Value stations are located throughout the festival. You can top up your wristband at any Add Value station, using PayMe, credit card, EPS, or cash. You will not be able to use cash to make purchases anywhere at the festival.


What’s PayMe?

PayMe – HK’s easiest way to send money instantly to anyone for free. And now the best way to buy event tickets, exclusively with


How to register PayMe?






Download PayMe app



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