RACHAEL YAMAGATA 4:00pm • HarbourFlap Stage


On the pop scale from zero to One Direction, you’d likely find Rachel Yamagata sitting comfortably in her cabin in the woods, non-plussed of such silly notions as pop scales…

For Rachel is a pop singer songwriter of a different variety.

Since the release of ‘Happenstance’, and right through ‘Elephants’, ‘Chesapeake’, a slew of celebrated Eps and hit TV placements, she’s shown the world that pop can have soul. That pop doesn't need to be saccharine sweet. Rachel's songs aren't afraid to to lay bare, and confidently gleam with both emotional fragility and subtle nuance.

It’s songwriting talent that has seen the likes of Jason Mraz, Ryan Adams, Bright Eyes and Ray Lamontagne queue up to work with her. It’s led her to the White House with the Obamas, and performances with the likes of Sheryl Crow and Bette Midler.

With her new album coming this Autumn, this is your golden chance to get a first listen of the new material alongside her beloved fan favourites.