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Hong Kong post-hardcore band THE LOVESONG became inactive after guitarist Ephraim Bano moved to the US in 2010, and vocalist / guitarist Ben Tse (who started THE LOVESONG) decided to take a break from writing and playing music.

Four years later, Ben Tse felt inspired to write music again, mainly to write music he wanted to hear that explored a different territory than what his previous band had covered, but with the intention that if it was ever to become a live unit it would be with the remaining members of THE LOVESONG, and OH! NULLAH was born in April 2014.

Within the first three months, OH! NULLAH wrote, recorded and released an LP titled "She Spoke In Tongues, I Spoke Incompetence" and a 2-song self-titled single, all recorded DIY style in a Sham Shui Po apartment. The LP and single were released on the band's bandcamp page: ohnullah.bandcamp.com

OH! NULLAH are Ben Tse (THE LOVESONG) on guitar and vocals, Nic Tse (THE LOVESONG) on guitar, Ding Lee (THE LOVESONG) on drums and Glenn Bogador (SHEPHERDS THE WEAK) on bass.

Musically, OH! NULLAH is inspired by a love for 90s pop punk, indie rock, power pop, mid-west emo, DC hardcore, and all that good stuff.

OH! NULLAH are a 100% DIY band, doing this purely out of a love for music and nothing else, and one of the few - if not only - bands in Asia paying homage to those different music genres from the 90s in their own way.