Can I pay cash on site?

No. You will be issued with a wristband that is used to pay for everything on-site at the festival entrance. You can top up your wristband at any Add Value station onsite by using cash, PayMe, credit card or EPS. You will not be able to use cash to make purchases anywhere at the festival.


Why do I need to add value into the wristband?

You need to top up value into the wristband because it allows you to buy food, drinks, merchandise and handicrafts in the craft market when you are in the festival.


Can I pre-load value into the wristband ahead of the event?

Yes!  This is a new feature exclusive to PayMe users on


Why would I want to pre-load value into the wristband ahead of the event?

This new feature will help you enjoy Clockenflap rather than spending time during the festival to top up - you can start enjoying the wide range of food, drinks and crafts as soon as you get onto the site.


What is the deadline for pre-loading value into the wristband?

You can continue to add to your pre-loaded balance via using PayMe until your ticket is scanned and you receive your Clockenflap wristband. After the festival, any remaining wristband value will be eligible for the refund process.


Can I refund the remaining value after the festival?

After the festival, any remaining wristband value will be eligible for the post-event online refund process.


How can I pre-load value onto my wristband if I have already bought my Clockenflap tickets?

Login to your Ticketflap account, click “My Tickets”, then simply add as much value as you like using PayMe. It’s quick and easy.


I am going to buy tickets now, how can I do top up then?

Go to and pay for your Clockenflap ticket first with PayMe. Then you can start to pre-load value – you will see the link to My Tickets on the final page of the purchase process.


I don’t have a PayMe account, what can I do?

You can download PayMe now from App Store or Google Play.


I tried to download PayMe but it doesn’t work, what can I do?

Contact PayMe customer support here for help.


Can I help my friend to top up his / her tickets?

Yes, simply use your PayMe account to complete the pre-top up process for your friend’s ticket.


Where can I check whether I have successfully pre-loaded my tickets?

You will receive e-mail confirmation of the successful top up transaction from PayMe, and see the transaction in the personal timeline on your PayMe home screen. You will also receive e-mail confirmation from Ticketflap and be able to see your updated top-up balance added to tickets on the My Tickets page in


What if I want to cancel the pre-loaded value into my ticket?

You will be able to request a refund for your top up balance if you are transferring the ticket to someone else. If you would like to request a refund for any other reason, please contact our customer service - the cutoff date for refund requests through customer service is 23:59 6 Nov 2018. Please note that all refunds will be repaid to the PayMe account used to make the top up originally, regardless of whether the ticket has been transferred to another customer. 


How much minimum I can pre-load into the wristband?

You can load a minimum of HKD10 to your ticket each time that you complete a pre-top up using PayMe through


How much maximum I can pre-load into the wristband?

You can load a maximum of HKD5,000 to your ticket – this is a maximum balance per ticket, not maximum amount per top up.