THE LEMONHEADS 5:45pm • Atum Stage


If you will so indulge us - Let us take you back in time and space at Clockenflap 2014. To a place without mobile phones. Without Facebook. Without the unrelenting march of emails. A simpler time - full of mix tapes, endless summers and the carefree innocence of youth. We like this place.

Our guides on this mission shall be The Lemonheads - one of the all time favourites from a golden era of alternative music, and featuring one of indie’s most revered leading men, Evan Dando, as our pilot.

At the heart of the journey will of course be the songs. Timeless, sing-along works of sublime beauty, with a back catalogue of such juicy peaches including: ‘It’s a Shame About Ray’, ‘Into Your Arms”, ‘The Great Big No’ and an exquisite cover of ‘Mrs Robinson’ to name but a few.

So join us down the front as we raise our collective glasses and summon the spirits of cherished moments across our fragrant harbour.

"I know a place, where i can go..."