KAVEMURA 1:15pm • Robot


Kavemura started as a solo electronic music project at the beginning of the 2000’s and grew as a project between Venice and London. The Venetian-born Simone Fassan (the name behind Kavemura) moved to Asia in 2008 and lived in Shanghai first and then in Hong Kong, where he’s currently based. 

With abundant use of synthesizers and drum machines he creates warm, dreamy soundscapes, elegant yet exotic instrumental urban suggestions born among concrete, neon and ocean. His creations can be seen as the contamination product of the environment Kavemura lives in, the colourful soundtrack of a vibrant and multicultural city like Hong Kong. Spiritual yet dynamic compositions can be found throughout all of his releases.

Kavemura’s elegant atmospheres recently received the attention of some Djs and promoters working in the fashion industry. Some of his tunes are played at international fashion shows like the Milan Fashion Week.
In 2014 his music was joined by the deeply evocative voice of Shanghai based singer Sharon Q. This collaboration produced a first release for ReddArmy label in April of this year with the video of the song “Here” premiered on Rolling Stone Italy Magazine, Italian National Broadcast and praised by several music magazines, blogs and radios.

On June 18th 2014 their new song called “See the Dawn” premiered on VICE magazine / Noisey, marking Kavemura’s first release for the label Bad Panda Records.
Warm synthesisers, tribal drums and deep vocals are to be expected in his highly anticipated album “Tropical Dream” expected at the beginning of 2015.