Tom Flanagan the larger- than-life energetic star of Tom Tom Crew and Circus Oz and presents his spectacular solo show KAPUT. Nominated for Best Circus and Physical Theatre at Adelaide Fringe “Adultsandchildrenalikereveledinthechaosofthischarmingshow. Come and see this brilliant family show, full of slapstick, acrobatics and total silliness and be swept up in the mayhem that is Tom Flanagan, as one man’slifeisflippedupside-downbythelonely, dust-coveredworldthatsurroundshim. Thisclumsy ‘Mr. Fixit’ takesonestepforwardandtwo-stepsbackinahighlyskilled, hilariouslyfunnyandbeautifullypoignantbitofmadness.

“This is physical comedy at its best.” EntertainmentHive (AUS)

“Thecrossoverbetweenfilmandstagetomfooleryisaneatthingtoexploit, andFlanaganunderstandshowplanks, laddersandpots of glue need to build to a spectacular physical climax. A joyous little show.” TheAdvertiser (AUS)

“Amazingacrobatics...aninteractive, funnyanddangerouslyclevershow. Agoodlaugh, excellentforkidsandallages” RipItUp (AUS)

“Elegantbuffooneryatitsfinest, climaxingwithasurprisinglyheart- stoppingpieceofacrobatics”. ThreeWeeks