THE GROOVE THIEF & LOKI DOLO ft. LEKSS 12:30pm • Electriq


We've got the perfect kick off to Sunday in store for you wonderful Clockenflappers, courtesy of The Groove Thief brings together a crew for a sublime dub-inspired set in the Electriq tent.

Dub - as in reengineered reggae - from heavy roots to higher fruits.
Stemming from their "Pomegranate" residency at oma, and "Digital Dub" nights at Midnight & Co. before that, this creative collaboration within Paragon Sound System finds The Groove Thief (selector) and Loki Dolo (vocalist) teaming up with LëKSs (saxophonist) for a unique sonic exploration into low-end theory. With custom visuals provided by ▶▶△, you won't experience anything else quite like this at Clockenflap.

The Groove Thief:
an American dub and reggae selector currently based in Hong Kong, he has released over 25 mixtapes - including guest mixes for Bass Music China,, and "The Saturday Skank" (RTHK Radio 3) - and writes Hong Kong's only music blog dedicated to dub, reggae, and the local music scene: He's shared the stage with artists such as Brother Culture, Mungo's Hi Fi, Suns of Dub, and Tippa Irie. The Groove Thief has also collaborated to produce events including Anchorsong [Japan] at XXX, "Bauhinia Festival" on Central Pier #10, and the "George Lukas Reggae Movement" parties. As a writer, he is unifying Hong Kong's underground through his influential #HKMU: Hong Kong Music Update - and is a regular contributor to both NiceUp (NZ) and Time Out Hong Kong.

Loki Dolo:
an American vocalist/producer who has been performing in Hong Kong for over five years. Known for his creativity, truly original flows, and linguistic versatility - he raps in English, Spanish, Patois, and Cantonese - he has worked with a wide variety of Hong Kong artists as well as international acts such as Daddy Freddy, The Bug, and Brother Culture. He is a diverse artist with roots in Bass Music: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Reggae, and Dubstep. Aside from his work with The Groove Thief and Paragon Sound System, his notable achievements include co-hosting the famed underground hiphop cypher at Dharma Den and reggae performances with selector Hidden Dragon and Cantonese singjay Mouse [Sensi Lion].

an eclectic DJ and producer from France, LëKSs is also a talented saxophone and melodica player. He has been the force behind several open-air music events including "Tsunami" and "Bauhinia Festival," supported international artists Anchorsong and Metastaz, and is one of the founders of both Atmosphere HK and Paragon Sound System. He’s also half of the ▶▶△ duo [with Sève], who are creating a dynamic yet retrospective sense of the future through their visuals, installations, and global fusion beats.