Somewhere out there, in the ether, there is a universe where free jazz & hip hop dine out, before heading out to the clubs with IDM to let loose as wildfire.

This is a world where the walls are sonic. Where visual and metaphysical fusion unites with technological innovation amounting to a transcendent, mind-expanding plasm. It’s an astral version of the matrix, powered by the mystery of the pyramids and as timeless as the moon. You get the picture.

This place?

The creative mind & music of Steven Ellison AKA Flying Lotus.

A multi-genre producer, musician, and rapper, FlyLo (to those familiar) has over the course of five studio albums and much more besides (Adult Swim anyone?) has become one of the most sought after creative talents for collaboration (Thom Yorke, Eyrkah Badu, Snoop, Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat to name but a few) and a cornerstone artist of the famed Warp label.

Live, he has developed a show that is nothing short of a visual and audio spectacular aimed at transporting you directly to FlyLo’s alter-universe.

So when’s the last time your mind’s been melted? (in a good way).

You’ve been warned.