DJ TinHo (Wong Tin Ho) first noticed DJing at a tender age of 11. Since then he has developed an interest, and eventually bought some equipment around 10 years ago. He started off with one broken turntable and one broken mixer, as well as a CD player to replace the other turntable. After years of practise, he has become one of the best all-round DJs Hong Kong has ever seen.  

His reputation rocketed when he became a DJ for a pop group (Ping Pung) in Hong Kong a few years ago. Consequently, he has made various media appearances, scratched and remixed for a number of Hong Kong celebrities. However for him, that was missing the point in terms of being a DJ. Afterwards, he joined the Hong Kong DJ crew Color Production (Tommy, Galaxy).  

As a club DJ, DJ Tin Ho holds several residencies in Hong Kong, and has established himself as a party rocker. At the same time, he has been entering numerous battles in Hong Kong (DMC, Vestax) and consistently achieving promising results. His popularity became even greater when he won the Hong Kong DMC Championships in 2007, and represented Hong Kong in the world finals in London.  

The future seems promising for Tin Ho. Along with other DJs in Hong Kong (K-Kutz, Mikey, Teddy INC), he founded the turntablist group- BlackSheep.

In 2014, he joined DJ Don & DJ Akira, and founded a Turntablist Workshop – #CUTogether.