CELESTIAL 1:45pm • Atum Stage


Celestial 天上 is a Hong Kong based collective that has been making Asian Dub for over twenty years, The first Celestial tracks were released in '92, and although they pre-dated the concept of “chill-out” or “down-tempo” music by several years, the idea for “Celestial” was born: a laid-back mix of Asian sounds over an empyreal dubscape The 6th CD "Return To The DubStation" is out now, and marks a return to the dub roots which started the whole train rolling.

After a hiatus of ten years, 2014 has again seen live performances from the Celestial 天上 dubstation. The current line-up includes guitar and bass, home-made Sound System styli analog EQ, and the ubiquitous lap-top, exuding dub mixed as live as it gets. Elements from Celestial 天上 tracks from the past 20 years are featured, including clips of Erhu and Shakuhachi playing the traditional melodies that have been at the core of the Celestial 天上 sound - overlaid with ’70’s inspired dub rhythms, twangy echoes and sound effects., all channeled through full Dubly.

The Celestial 天上 train departs from the DubStation soon, spreading DubberAsian across the Nation - get on board at Clockenflap 2014.