To honor and celebrate COSMIC and the COMMUNAL, Aeroporto “The Cosmic Bobble”, a sanctuary to unwind and reflect; a place to escape from everyday reality, chill out with friends and space out.

The structure will be a geodesic dome covered with sheets of mirror for the exterior. It will sit at Clockenflap like an intergalactic exploration vessel just landed... capable of transporting passengers to the far reaches of the universe.

Aeroporto is a creative studio and consultancy, providing design, production and management for events, exhibitions, interiors and displays, as well as creating carefully crafted installations and mechanical art pieces.

We are also Asia’s premiere specialist for tensioned fabric installations for events and exhibitions. With over 18 years of experience our team has the technical knowledge and experience to turn complex concepts into reality. We push the traditional boundaries of projects, to create and produce unique experiences, products and environments.