1 + 1 2:45pm • Cinema Silenzio

1 + 1

A story between a grandpa and his little granddaughter, their home will be cleared out by the government for the sake of constructing a railway route right through their village. It is to pay tribute to those who lost their home in the name of development in a bright tone with backbone. The noise of construction covers the voice of the citizens. The camera follows a grandfather-daughter duo on their visits to the Legco building, previous sites of the Star Ferry and Queen's Pier, and old buildings that are about to be pulled down due to redevelopment. As they lay down Lucky Bamboos at these places, they are sending their care and blessing. Child actor Kan Wing Yee gives a sincere performance as an example of how civil consciousness grows among the city's young generation. "1+1"is Lai Yan Chi(Mo)'s first feature short film and it gained her the Fresh Wave Award and Best Film Award in Fresh Wave Festival 2010. The invigilators commented the film as "a multi-layered story told spontaneously in a natural and simple manner."