藝術項目: #HOLY TECH

著名設計團體Marc & Chantal與Brainrental特別為Clockenflap攜手合作,設計了一座前所未見,與科技結合的瑪雅神廟#HOLY TECH。

藝術單位簡介: MARC & CHANTAL

Our multicultural team of thinkers, writers and designers are delivering captivating experiences with a passion for quality and relevance that has been fuelling our work for the past 20 years. Beginning in 1993, when the founders met in Hong Kong, we have always represented cultures, disciplines and ideas coming together to form unique perspectives.

Marc Brulhart, Marc Cansier and Chantal Rechaussat brought their backgrounds in product and graphic design to their first collaborations. Two decades later, the trio are still leading projects that pool their talents and utilise diverse teams of creatives in the Hong Kong and Beijing studios. While we have grown in experience, we have never lost our dedication to exploration and have become the go-to agency in greater China and beyond for creative and challenging commissions.