2018 Refunds

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Refund submissions will be available online from now until Monday 3rd December, 2018 (23:59 HKT).

Refund Application Link: https://refunds.playpass.eu/en/events/clockenflap-2018

To complete your refund submission:
• Input the code from the back of the tag on your festival wristband and your email address.
• Then select the refunds option and input the requested details, i.e. bank account holder name and bank account number, or PayMe ID and mobile number.

Refunds to Hong Kong bank accounts will be via e-cheques, and will be made by Monday 10th December 2018, free of charge. E-cheques will expire in 6 months if not cashed, same as a normal paper cheque. Re-issuance of e-cheques upon expiry or name correction will be charged a HKD30 handling fee.

Refunds to PayMe accounts will be via the PayMe payment app. You will need to provide your PayMe ID and mobile number. PayMe refunds will be credited in just 3 days, your unspent balance will be transferred into your PayMe account. Important: You must have a credit card linked to your PayMe account and you must fulfil the conditions detailed in the ‘Important Notice regarding wristband refund eligibility’ in order for your wristband refund to be successful. 


Refunds to International bank accounts will be transferred via Western Union, PayPal or local exchange booth by Monday 10th December 2018. Please note that transfers to overseas accounts will be subject to a HKD60 handing fee. 

If you have any questions related to refunds, please check out our FAQs for more details, or contact us at refunds@clockenflap.com if you need further assistance.